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Epouranios review (from Italy)

The second studio album of Epouranios, entitled Through The Eyes Of A Child, partly follows in the footsteps of his predecessor Angel Of Rock, supporting mainly the soul of the hard rock band, but at the same time opens the door to pleasant surprises and interesting developments in both the technical and compositional, bearing witness to the artistic growth of the band. The disc opens in fact with the introduction of synth and a mix of psychedelic sounds which resemble the evolution of a certain Richard Wright and as a preamble to the experiments of echoes and voices full of effects Call Me The impact on the one hand can leave puzzled, at first mainly listen to, but the result is certainly commendable and demonstrates the flexibility and the desire to experiment and to play the game of Epouranios.But of course the album is not limited to this, and next to the new sounds and experimentation develops the rest of the work, which always flows on the classical canons of hard rock, alternating pieces full of grit and riffs from great pace as Let it Rock and Rock Is My Life, in pieces like the more melodic ballad Give Me All Your Lov,and enthralling When The Children Cry. A special mention must be the individual that closes the album, whose video we present anew under review, Merry Christmas To Everyone, a cheerful piece traits very glam metal style Twisted Sister, but especially Fight, in my personal opinion probably the real jewel of the album, a song that is developed with an intro and a rhythm that are very reminiscent of the late Ronnie James Dio, and with a solo all to enjoy, including reverbs and echoes used wisely by Robert Young. The only flaw of the work, as highlighted in the review of their previous album, is the packaging. The idea of \u200b\u200busing the drawings of the little Elizabeth is certainly very sweet and appropriate, especially for an album called Through The Eyes Of A Child, but the graphics should be treated better. Juxtaposing the drawings and write the name of the group with the characters in Word is not really the best way to present their work, especially considering the quality of the "internal" disk. Even the covers on the other hand are often part of the history of many rock bands!

NME- UK  (Review)


The new Album by HighStakes -Armor of Rock is an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to Christian rock music, it has everything a heavy rock band should have and still keeps to its roots. it's great guitar sound and Robert young's outstanding Vocals. Robert’s guitar playing is much like the late Mick Ronson and Ronnie Montrose. Every song is an anthem, you just want to sing along, again and again.

From the start with call out Jesus , you get the impression this Album is something special. This is a must for all

by one of the best song writers around.


by Dave Defray NME Europe (December 2013)

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